About STEM heroes

Mari, Jun, Miki and Yui are four bright high school students with a sense of adventure. After school they use their science skills to solve mysteries and save the day. Each one has their own personality, style and STEM area of expertise, but they work very well together (most of the time!) and have a lot of fun.


Their first adventure

The girls witness a crime, but must gather evidence by themselves. Did you know that you can analyse skid marks and calculate if a car was speeding? Jun will show you how. And what happens when they can no longer access the crime scene? Well… engineering and coding can be put together to conquer that challenge. Also, fingerprinting is not all about fingers anymore! In 1984 Professor Alec Jeffreys from Leicester University, UK, discovered that each person’s DNA has a specific pattern, which can be used to identify criminals. Mari wants to do some DNA fingerprinting, but will the girls be able to get a sample from a dangerous man?

Here is a little video that summarises the first book:

It looks like Mari already has a fan (a graduate student from the Microbiology Department here at Saga University)! Thanks very much for the love!