New interactive feature!

The book structure has gone through another improvement/add-on, to make sure it does what it says it does on the tin. Explaining science can be lengthy and sometimes people lose focus. So, to deal with short attention span and to help cement simpler concepts before moving on to more complex ones, knowledge will be delivered in stages (and readers can decide how much they want to take on board and when):

  • Level 1 – the actual story: you will learn how STEM can be applied to real-life situations. So, using the skid marks from book 1 as an example, from the main storyline you will learn how the police would measure them and do a basic calculation of the car speed before braking. This is take-home message #1: skid marks and maths can help solve crimes.
  •  Level 2 – still integrated in the story, but the pages are clearly surrounded by a black frame, so readers know it is the “learn more” section. If you are happy with level 1, great, you can skip this part or come back to it later. If you would like to learn a bit more about concepts and procedures and think about the things the police would have to consider (braking on ice is different from braking on asphalt, driver’s reaction time, cars with and without ABS, etc.), then this is the section for you. Here you can learn and also do a bit of thinking.
  •  Level 3 – QR code to a video/animation. After testing the book on a few non-scientist readers, I decided to reduce the written content even more and add this feature, to make sure everyone really understands the books and can learn. That’s what I’m advertising, so that’s what the books should achieve. For example, if you start reading a book but don’t know how m/s should sound like or what it means, you might get stuck, put the book down and decide it’s useless to you. So, just scan the QR code and a video or an animation will come to your rescue! Videos/animations will have subtitles in full as well (like metre per second instead of m/s).

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