STEM heroes manga is coming soon!

Meet the heroes

Mariko Watanabe (Mari)

渡辺 真理子 (マリ)

Mari loves animals and everything to do with biology and genetics. She is super bright, shy and a little clumsy (which makes her hilarious at times). Only her heart is bigger than her appetite.



Jun Mori

森 潤

Jun’s mind is full of numbers and formulae, she loves maths and physics. Anywhere she looks, spaces and objects can be explained by equations. She is also very fashionable and into all things kawaii.



Miki Sato

佐藤 ミキ

Miki has a passion for engineering. She is very practical and loves to build and fix things, as well as pull them apart to see what’s inside and how they work!



Yui Matsubara

松原 ユイ

Yui can be found attached to a computer, phone or tablet. She spends a lot of time coding and listening to music. She likes to wear black and can be a bit grumpy at times.




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